Who Owns Department Store and Big Box Retail Apps?

Overview of Net App Install Trends

Overview of Big Box and Department Store Brand Engagers

Big Box Retail and Department Store App Ownership Overlap

How Big Box and Department Store Brands Can Boost App Ownership

  • Utilize mobile advertising. Not only is mobile now the most popular media source for Americans, but it’s always-on nature makes it ideal for reaching consumers no matter where they are or what they’re doing.
  • Target the consumers that are both the most likely to download and use your app and/or shop at one of your physical stores. For most brands in this category, women and people between 46 and 55 are among the most loyal audience segments — but don’t limit audience targeting to just people in this age range.
  • Competitive conquesting can be especially advantageous in this space, as there is not a lot of overlap between app owners. For example, just 9% of Kohl’s app owners also have the Costco app on their mobile device, while only 5% of Sam’s Club have the Macy’s app. If someone has one or only a few big box retail or department store app, they may be interested in more.

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Matthew Kaplan is the Content Marketing Manager at InMobi (www.inmobi.com)

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Matthew Kaplan is the Content Marketing Manager at InMobi (www.inmobi.com)

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