Understanding Rewards Effectiveness: Q&A With Dr. Diego Garaialde

Top Tips from Dr. Diego Garaialde

  • Many users would rather see their name on a leaderboard than receive a small monetary award.
  • It’s important for apps to promote snacking behavior — if a game or app is too addicting, someone will be in the platform for a long time and then become habituated to it and not want to open it again for a long time afterwards.
  • The closer someone is to the end of a task or game, the more motivated they are to complete it.
  • Providing training on app usage is crucial at the beginning right after it is downloaded. Users want to have agency, and they will like an app if they understand how it works and what they can do to make it successful.
  • Rewards need to be offered very soon after an action is completed. If someone receives a reward many minutes after the rewarded action is finished, the reward won’t seem as valuable or as worthwhile to the user.
  • Having ads appear as soon as someone logs in is more likely to discourage app users from logging in. Instead, educate users on the benefits of ads (specifically rewarded ads) before introducing them.
  • For ads in particular, the reward offered (like extra lives, in-game currency, etc.) should be seen as more valuable than what the user is giving up in exchange for watching the ads, namely time.
  • Rewards are generally most valuable early on in an interaction/login.
  • It’s key to be transparent with users and to let them know what’s happening in the app or platform. When users understand how the app is working holistically, they’re more likely to buy in and be a happy user in the long run. On the flip side, if they later on feel like they were lied to or that key details were not made clear at the beginning, they are likely to become angry and churn.

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