Overview of Mobile Streaming Services Users in 2021

Market Research: Streaming Services Awareness

There are now dozens of streaming video services available, with even more set to be released in the coming months. In this glut, which services stand out from the pack?

AVOD Services Overview: Looking at Recent App Installers

In the video streaming space, most of the attention is focused on the heavy hitters like Netflix and Disney+, which operate on a paid subscription model. But with cost becoming a major consideration — around 75% of U.S. video streaming consumers don’t want to pay over $30 a month for these services — free, ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) platforms are becoming more popular.

SVOD Services Overview: Looking at Recent App Installers

Of course, no analysis of mobile streaming services users would be worthwhile if it ignored the main platforms that streaming consumers used. To that end, we had to look at premium subscription services like Netflix and Disney+. For a close look at the SVOD space, we reviewed trends relating to Netflix, Disney+, Starz, HBO Max and YouTube TV.

Top Takeaways for Marketers

For those who work in marketing and advertising, how can this data and analysis be used to improve campaign performance? What do marketers and advertisers need to know about mobile streaming services users?

About the Author

Matthew Kaplan has over a decade of digital marketing experience, working to support the content goals of the world’s biggest B2B and B2C brands. He is a passionate app user and evangelist, working to support diverse marketing campaigns across devices.



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