Charting the Rise of Mobile Gaming in the U.S. [New Report]

  • Why the number of people playing mobile games rose in 2020, and why the number of mobile gamers will rise further.
  • Why major mobile game companies and indie game developers dominate the app stores.
  • Consumer spending and gaming market share trends.
  • How the mobile gaming industry in the U.S. compares to other locales.
  • Who has and plays gaming apps on their mobile devices, with an in-depth look on the value of mobile gamer audiences, along with insights on why so many consumers play games on their smartphone and tablet.
  • How mobile gaming audiences differ from console video game players.

Top Quotes on Mobile Gaming in 2020 and 2021

  • “Marketers must shed all clichéd notions they might hold in their minds regarding gamers. A recent Think with Google article highlighted that today’s gamers are not just young men with niche interests, hunched over a multi-player role-playing gaming console in a dark room. Instead, gamers today make up a community of a wide and vibrant array of individuals. What is shattering these traditional notions? Smartphones are the clear drivers of this change. Mobile has further broken down barriers associated with different geographical classes. Developers have leaned into this opportunity by developing games that reflect the culture of these areas and are working to make sure that their games can run smoothly on smartphone devices. With the democratization of casual gaming on apps, one truth remains: gaming communities. Be it viral mass movements, fan clubs, or streaming communities, gaming is able to cut across numerous boundaries to bring together a large number of individuals together under the influence of one shared passion. With this truth in mind, it is time for marketers to wake up to the sleeping giant napping right in front of them this year!” — Elvin Rahardja, Head of Google Marketing Platform at Google
  • “Mobile is the most popular platform in the video game industry, with wide and increasing appeal across all age groups. Its strength comes not only from its accessibility and availability, but also from the incredible diversity in mobile titles available. From evergreen properties such as Candy Crush Saga, Pokémon Go, and Clash of Clans, to newer hits like Call of Duty: Mobile, and Among Us, mobile gaming’s growth is certain to continue well into the future.” — Mat Piscatella, Games Industry Analyst for The NPD Group
  • “Mobile gaming is popular because of its accessibility. Most consumers own a mobile phone, while not as many own consoles. And many popular mobile games have low entry points, as they are based on familiar genres like puzzles and card/casino games. Then there is the obvious reason that mobile games can be played remotely, which makes them more accessible than similar games that can be played on computers.” — Blake Droesch, eMarketer Junior Analyst

Why Mobile Gaming Platforms and Gaming App Publishers Should Work With InMobi

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