Are Americans Still Shopping In Person?

Top Takeaways:

  • Americans are indeed heading into stores to browse and buy. 66% said they were making purchases in person, while 61% said they were browsing for items in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • While most adults in the U.S. are still shopping in person, numbers are down from May. A few months ago, 74% said they were buying in person, while 65% were browsing for items in brick-and-mortar stores then.
  • 42% of consumers are likely to shop using a mobile app in the future, with rates higher for men (50%) and consumers between 18 and 34 years old (60%). In addition, 50% of consumers shopping Consumer Direct and Online Only are likely to shop using a retail mobile app.
  • 30% learn about retail apps from advertising. Consumers are just as likely to remember learning about apps from mobile ads as they are from friends and family.

How Americans Were Shopping In August

How Americans Were Discovering New Products In August

How Will Shopping Habits Change Over Time?

How Should Brands and Retailers Approach In-Person Shopping Today?

  • Embrace omnichannel retail: The data from both August and May shows how different Americans are shopping today. While most are comfortable with and prefer to shop in person, this doesn’t describe everyone. Our research shows the need to offer a variety of browsing and purchasing options to different segments of consumers. With conditions and preferences changing across the country, it pays to be flexible and nimble.
  • Tailor messaging to audiences: Even among consumers that browse and buy in the same way, why they do may differ. For example, some may be heading into stores to take advantage of deals, while others may want to try out products in person. Further, some consumers may need to be reassured of mask policies before heading into stores, while others may not worry about that as much. All of these different bands of consumers will be best served with creative and messaging that reflect their unique needs and tastes.
  • Invest in your own app: There is rising demand for alternative buying options, including BOPIS, that are best facilitated by your own app. In addition, having consumers with your app gives you a direct channel of communication to them, along with greater insights on their needs and requirements. With the shopping landscape still shifting rapidly, it pays to have the options and direct connections that can only be facilitated by your own app.



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