6 Things You Need To Know About In-App Header Bidding

1) The App Monetization Status Quo Isn’t Working

The current approaches that apps are commonly taking in regard to ad monetization are just not cutting it anymore. In particular, our survey found that 53 percent of those polled said that ad revenues had mostly remained the same or had dropped in the last 12 months. And, an additional 24 percent said they didn’t or couldn’t track this.

2) In-App Header Bidding Solutions Already are Proven Effective

Luckily, a solution to these woes already exists. In-app header bidding and unified mobile ad auctions have become increasingly popular monetization options, and are already helping app publishers and developers more effectively optimize revenue yields while also delighting end users.

  • 44 percent more ad impressions.
  • 7.4 percent more ad sources.
  • 48 percent more ad revenue.
  • Ads loaded 28 percent faster.

3) The Historical Average Still Holds Sway, as Misconceptions Reign Among App Developers

If in-app header bidding is proven effective, then why do 57 percent of publishers still use waterfalls to determine the highest bidder?

4) In-App Header Bidding Will Become Increasingly Necessary

But, despite concerns, in-app header bidding will likely become more commonplace in the industry. As the ad tech landscape changes and becomes more dependent on programmatic tech, old ways simply won’t prove effective. The same change that occurred on desktop and mobile web will happen here.

5) Publishers of Mobile Apps Willing to Experiment and Try Out New Things

Even though waterfalls and historical averages still dominate the mobile app ad monetization space today, there are signs that app publishers are beginning to look at new and different approaches. For example, 43 percent of survey respondents are already using real-time bidding, and the number of in-app header bidding auctions on our network rose 56 percent in 2017.

6) In-App Header Bidding is Not the Same as a Unified Auction

Nowadays, it seems like every major app monetization player claims to offer header bidding within app environments. Even the Facebook Audience Network now claims to offer in-app header bidding. But, all that glitters is not gold.



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Matthew Kaplan is the Content Marketing Manager at InMobi (www.inmobi.com)