2019 Mobile Data Monetization Trends: Growing Value of Enterprise Data for In-App Advertising

How will companies monetize their data assets in 2019?

The Growing Global Data Monetization Market

Increasing Market Growth from Mobile, IoT and AI

  • Mobile data is growing in importance, especially among advertisers. Mobile operators know this, which is why deals like InMobi’s recent acquisition of Pinsight Media may well be a harbinger of changes to come in that industry. For today’s telcos, their data is by far their most valuable asset.
  • As the Internet of Things (IoT) explodes and millions of new connected endpoints are coming online, new applications will emerge to mine these data sources. The use cases are endless — from data on on everything from what people put in their refrigerators to when they drive their car to work. With data pouring in from billions of newly connected endpoints, businesses in any industry now have brand new sources of potential insights to mine.

The Role of Customer Data in Advertising

Downsides to Mobile Data Monetization?

Calculating the Growing Value of Data



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